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Turkish significance in the past centuries (10) 1

Turkish significance in the past centuries

From the perspective of historians, travelers, and foreign diplomats (10)   

Mr. Hassan Rashedi: the book (Turks and ...)

Part I


Dari Persian language today is the official national language of the country and is the mother of all Tshvyqhayy fellow Persians in ancient times it was performed by kings in development, could contribute to take advantage of the medicine, astronomy, Falsafe, music, math Science is and always remained more than poetry.

Mercy Mostafavi doctor's book "Persian language about" the kingdom in 2535 (1355 Hijri), was published in Tehran writes:

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"Great geniuses such as Razi, Avicenna, Biruni and Omar Khayyam with Greek heritage in the fields of mathematics and natural sciences to human sciences and medicine to philosophy, astronomy, and geography, and so to reach new heights. . . But all these figures, Arabic, Arabic lessons, read and write books, all Iranian academic conversations, and exploring all the efforts and discoveries and inventions come to them in Arabic. This unique collection of science was never reflected in the Persian language, and they were so scarce that almost did not count. . . . Plight came to the conclusion that the Persian language, scientific language has never in its entire history and has always been free science ". [1]



Leaving Kings during their thousand-year reign of Islamic rule, most services are in Persian, Turkish, and kings without encouraging their inherent strength continued to flourish and the language was taught in the madrassas and the Arabic language . Saints from Anatolia Chalabi left the famous explorer who visited Tabriz in 1050 AH in the city schools, he writes:

That science is taught in several schools in Tabriz. This is one of 47 schools that are most used. The schools that are teaching adults and renowned scientists. According to school authorities, above all, "Shah Jahan" Qur'an is the words of Imam Ali (AS) (Nahjolbalaghe) as it is taught. [ 2]

He Myafzyd In addition Tabriz schools, 600 school children has found that people in school say it. The parents, the number of schools in the school's famous Sheikh Hassan, Hassan Meymand school, school Taqi Khan, Sultan Hassan School, School of Sultan Yaqub and others named in the school's annual student is dressed.

In the language of Tabriz, he says, the city's special Lhjh speak. The sample language sentences have said they like "Hlh Tanymhmyshm" [3] that (still Nshnakhtham).

These statements show that the people of Tabriz to the Turkish and Turkish speaking but because they have slightly different Turkish and Turkish Lhjh instead of "Tanymamysham", "Tanymadym" said the Saints' special Lhjh "said Turkish Lhjh difference The line shows.

Pietro Della Valle, an Italian traveler visited Isfahan during the Safavid Isfahan in a letter to his friend, "Mario Askypanv» Posted on December 18, 1617 said:

"In Iran the most commonly spoken of the Turkic and Persian, especially among the elder statesmen in court. . . Shah slaves from different tribes who speak Turkish and Persian, know more. It's not only the army but Prince himself king, who has been among the most Avqatsh to understand your content speaks Turkish. As a result, the language of the court and others have been common among women. ". [4] and he continues the Turkish language classes in public speaking was so routine that can be said.

Pietro Della Valle described the first meeting with the Shah. "King of the people who were standing close asked me whether I know it or not Turkish. And all day I've spoken with him in Turkish, he said yes, so once again he turned to me and smiled as the boy is drawn into the Turkish Iranians said: You're welcome,'re fun. "

Shah Abbas also told about a speech:

Shah Abbas in response to Turkish rose and gave utterance Fasihi ... " [5] .

In another letter in early May (Myy) wrote in 1618, talks about his meeting with King writes: "After the king was sitting, because I went to the Turkish areas. . . The contents of the inquiry. I was short and I responded in a way that I can. " [6] the author during his stay in Iran, said a Turkish lyrics [ 7] Turkish grammar book written in 1620 about the importance and benefits of learning about the introduction of the New Turkish Ottoman power in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Qizilbash Turks in Iran and Central Asia, has interesting content . [ 8]

Another European who reached the Safavid court, the court of Friedrich von Holstein German Avlyaryvs Adam as secretary of the embassy sent to Russia from November 1636 to February 1638 and has been living in Iran. Avlyaryvs also describes the reception for ambassadors had Safi, said: "When the banquet was over, Agassi Ayshyk, you shouted in Turkish:

Svfrh Hqynh, King Dvltynh, Ghazylr Qvtynh, Llah Dyylvm Llah Llah, and participants echoed the words Llah Llah. " [9]

"The same author says Persian language other than their own, especially in the provinces of Shirvan and Azerbaijan and Iraq [Iraq Ajam, modern Arak and Isfahan, central Iran, and Iraq and Yerevan, the children are taught in Turkish. He says so in the court of the Turkish language is important because there are hardly hear a word of Persian. [ 10] the same author says Persian poetic works well in Turkish and Persian poets have names such as wind, sound and meddle in the row of Ferdowsi, Hafez and Saadi brings. " [11] He says that the Persians with great enthusiasm to learn Turkish.

Chevalier Jean Chardin, who for eleven years (1671-77 and 1664-70) in Iran writes:

After listening to Abhar of the Persian language, while so far there is typically Turkish. However, the Turkish language is spoken in Turkey is slightly different. [ 12] The same author's chapter on language in Sfrnamhash, about Turkey says:

"Turkish army and court, and women and men speak only in Turkish, especially in aristocratic families. The reason for this is that the family (Safavi) of the Turkish-speaking areas and the rising Turkmen whose mother tongue is Turkish. ". [13]


"Sansvn" On behalf of the Pope to come to Iran in 1683 and has been a resident of three years, the talk of the Iranian belief in the spiritual power of the King of Glory sins He says any mention of the words "Qvrban Avlym religion Aymanvm King, Bashynka know " [14] are used.

"Rafael Duman" Chairman of Kbvshyn in the year 1644 there came to Iran in the past, in the book "The situation in 1660" noted that Persian is the language of the common people speak Turkish language that is prevailing in court, a brief description regarding the structure of the two languages. He's a good Greek and Latin languages ​​and from many different Tsryfhay particular importance as each of them, saying: "Turkey in this regard, no less than it is anyway. Furthermore spend all the Turkish irregular verbs and nouns flection no difference and diversity, but the rules are all the same. " [15]

The author of a treatise in 1684 on the orders of the Turkish language is written in Latin, with short, showing some of the characteristics of the course is Turkish.

"Engelbert Kaempfer" in 1684 with the German delegation to Iran Basfyr Sweden and the secretarial practice has been writing about Turkey, "Turkish Royal Court is more than ordinary native language. . . Speaking the language of the court nobility among families has grown so that we now have the privilege of knowing who it is, is a shame. " [16]

The same period a trilingual dictionary (Italian - Turkish - Persian) in the area of the Carmelite Monks of written and shows how far Turkey is also important for religious propaganda. [ 17]

Muhammad Tahir Waheed events of the year 1070 [AH] Shah Abbas Sani writes:

"I will return to kith Mustafa Darwish (Alka’ Rome) said. Happy line, cultivar named Ashraf Haji Beigi Mnvchhrkhan Biglar Shirvan. . . Selk wrote in inquiring Miracle Bell Smt. ». Literacy and secure that the Turkish letter quotes. Turkish letters from Amman text "The Shah Abbas Safavi II" Mnvchhrkhan governor of Shirvan:

"Tryqtyndh Raskhalqydh sincerity, courage and admirable struggle Yvlvnda Haji Mnvchhrkhan attention Naytym Trfynh Nhaytsyz Bylyb, Avzvnv most Khatyrymdh Bylhsn!

Especially some Fsrnlv (?) Mjlyslrdh Anshaallah Yakhshy Vjhylh Hzvrvmvza possible Yytmk First!

Yynh pronoun infallible Imams Lyhhalslam Mhryndn Msfy, Mustafa Darwish Yuldash Byrlh [Aylh], Shirvan Smtyndn Vlaytynh Gytmk Aradhsy like Oz. Lazymhsyn Mhrbanlyq sent Yyrh Gtyryb Aydhsn " [18] .

The language and style is easy and safe Bytklf the creeds of the letter is that [the] Shah Ismail and Shah Tahmasp Turkish period has been issued. It is the middle ground between the language and the language of everyday speech and conversation Prtklfy pompous and official correspondence and communications between Iran and Europe in the period of Shah Abbas I after the Ottoman clerk of imitation has spread. For example, the letter pointed to two topics:

Emperor Ferdinand II of Austria and King of Hungary, a Safi and Shah Sultan Hussein letter to Frederick Aksdvs (August), Duke of Saxony and King of Poland. ". [19]

"In the court of the Safavid King Alshrayy official position and" serve him Poet Laureate], the sun is carried over each year must Sana'i more elegiac in praise of the king or the spring is defined, and the day of Eid is to bring new and General Assembly, he served Aqdas, and construction of new buildings and the historic mansion and tell the king that the Bob Rumi and ode to camp out will be issued in order Selk. ". [20]

Court 'ast effect "that was while Mstvfyan court, other than the lyrics in Turkish and Turkish Rumi's poems ode. The title implies that the poem that was dedicated to King Solomon and King Shah Sultan Hussein task Alshrayy Turkish poet has virtually the same.


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